"Well, if you’d like a solid renovation that looks gorgeous, at a competitive price, call Arie Flevarakis, the owner, manger and the driving force behind A&F Home Improvement. This is what I did about 4 years ago after receiving a warm recommendation from a friend. At the time, I was in the market for a bathroom renovation. The place was small but with Arie’s help we now have a spacious bathroom, that functions well and looks great. Encouraged by the success of the first renovation, we proceeded a few years later to remodel the second bathroom. Last year, we completed the third bathroom and finally, just recently we finished the basement. In all these projects, Arie and his team were great assets. Starting with the good advice about what should and should not be done. Arie helped us, without being intrusive, to come up with that right solutions. Then the great, professional and courteous team of A&F Home Improvements, its suppliers and subcontractors executed a great job in time and with minimum interruption to the function of the house. Furthermore, long after the jobs were done, when minor adjustments were needed, Arie responded quickly and fixed the problems. So I definitely recommend A&F Home Improvements and wish Arie and his team the best." - Bruno Alterescu, Newton, MA - January 06, 2010


"We engaged Arie and his firm for a complex kitchen/office/bath renovation that involved some restructuring of the existing space (knocking down walls/closets and reconfiguring space). Our old space was not only dated but laid out in a really inconvenient way. In fact, many people who looked at our old space were not optimistic about meaningfully improving it. Arie and his team have completely transformed the first floor of our house. We now have a very open, family friendly first floor with great "flow" that works well for us and our three children. The kitchen has a beautiful center island and the space opens up to better incorporate the dining room and the rest of the first floor. The project lasted about 3 months and Arie and his team worked consistently and steadily. The pricing came out generally consistent with the budget and any additional items were discussed/approved along the way. We are confident that the money we spent has added significant value to our house. We are very happy and look forward to recommending Arie to our neighbors." - Lee Feldman, Newton, MA - July 26, 2011


"Taking on any home improvement project can be one of the most stressful experiences of any marriage. Having used A&F for several large scale home improvement projects before, our marriage has hung in there and we’d use them again in a heartbeat!  We’ve shared what we think is the best home renovation team with all of our friends in the Newton area – all who have had extremely positive experiences. ·Professionalism - Arie and his team possess a work and professional ethic  that is second to none.  This team is honest, courteous, and reliable. Having three kids in the home, we came to know his team very well and ALWAYS felt in great comfort while they worked on our home – this was critical to us.
·Fair and Reasonable:  We originally bid our first project out to six home improvement companies. A&F was not the cheapest, but on the more affordable side and given the previous strong testimonials, decided to move forward and were so glad we did!
·Detailed Proposal Process: A&F delivered a solid detailed job specifications for all work to be done, as well as ALL types of materials to be used. Great transparency in the entire process - we always knew what we were getting.
·Minimal Surprises: We know from other friends' stories that there can be huge fee increases once construction gets underway for “unforeseen” circumstances. With A&F, we had very few of these, and when they occurred, A&F worked with us to give to ensure we stayed as close to our budget as possible.
·Adhering to the Schedule: Arie and his team are experts and know what they are doing at all times. In both projects, the team beat the project delivery by over two weeks on very extensive home renovation projects (kitchen, family rooms, multiple baths, etc).
·Quality of subcontractors:  Arie's Plumber and Electrician are top notch folks in the business who possess the same skill and professionalism that his direct team represents; honest, professional, reliable, and reasonable.
·Flexibility: During both projects, we’d determined to change the scope of several areas in the midst of the project. Arie and team showed great flexibility and customer service, adapting quickly and fairly without any significant disruption to the project timeline.
·Live after Construction: Perhaps most gratifying is Arie’s passion and follow up on both of our projects. After the last payment is made, we’re always able to count on Arie to come back in a day or two to fix anything that is needed.
·Total Value: In total, this team is fantastic and we’d use them (and plan to ) in a second. They are a terrific group of professionals!"
- John & Beth Barry, Newton, MA